Category: NOLI
Minimum Life Cycle: 21 days.
Distribution: North America and Europe. Not injurious to stored grain.
Eggs - Up to 100 eggs per female laid on commodities and bags.
Larvae - No larval stage; young resemble adults, but smaller in size and paler in color.
Adults - Some species are winged and other wingless. Feed on a variety of organic matter of plant and animal origin; troublesome due to presence alone and not actual damage.

Psocids (Liposcelis spp.). These soft bodied insects have no larval state. The young resemble the adults and are smaller and paler in color. Psocids feed on a wide variety of organic matter, both of animal and plant origin. They do not actually damage grain, but are troublesome due to their presence. Eggs are laid on bags and on commodities (Figure 26).

(Slide courtesy of AOM.)

photo of psocids

Figure 26. Psocids.