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  • Crop Life America
    Representing the companies that produce, sell, and distribute virtually all the active compounds used in crop protection chemicals registered for use in the United States.
  • American Society of Crop Consultants
    The specific purpose of ASAC is to foster the science of agricultural consulting in all its varied fields; to promote the profession and maintain high standards under which the members conduct their service to the public; hold meetings for the exchange of ideas and the study of the profession of agricultural consulting; and maintain a Code of Professional Ethics in the broad field of agricultural consulting.
  • Crop Data Management Services, Inc. CDMS, Inc. provides software service to access crop protection product label, MSDS, WPS and DOT information. MSDS Supporting Manufacturers (addresses and links to web pages).
  • Get Set, Inc. "What the bugman does not want you to know" (An Intelligent Pest Management Manual) by Stephen L. Tvedten.
  • Pest Management at the Crossroads. This WWW site was maintained as a public service and an experiment in electronic networking by Benbrook Consulting Services. "Return to the Stone-Age of Management" presentation to EPA Public Meeting on "Plant Pesticides Resistance Management" "Pest Management at the Crossroads", presentation at USDA Integrated Pest Management Seminar Series "Indicators of the Sustainability and Impacts of Pest Management Systems", presented at AAAS 1997 Annual Meeting.
  • National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants (NAICC), founded in 1978, is the national society of agricultural professionals who provide research and advisory services to clients for a fee. The 500+ members work from bases in 40 states and several foreign countries, and have expertise in the production of most crops grown around the world.
  • StratKirn Business Consulting, Offering consulting services in R&D management, and in market assessment, for clients who create innovative new technology in the fields of food, feed and fiber improvement.
  • Kimball Nill's Glossary of Biotechnology Terms
  • Bayer's Biotechnology Knowledge Center

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