Mediterranean Flour Moth

Category: OLI
Minimum Life Cycle: One to six months.
Distribution: Temperate areas; attacks cereal products particularly flour.
Eggs - Up to 300 eggs laid on or near produce.
Larvae - Particularly favor flour dust; webbing from heavy infestations can choke machinery.
Pupae - Form in the produce from overwintered larvae.
Adults - Non feeding; short lived. 

Figure 9. Mediterranean flour moth (mill moth).

Mediterranean Flour Moth or Mill Moth (Ephestia kuehniella). The Mediterranean flour moth prefers flour and meal, but also will infest grain and other foodstuffs. The larvae produce extensive and characteristic loose webbing. The adults are an off white or gray color. The moths are widely distributed throughout both temperate and subtropical climates (Figure 9).

(Slide and top caption courtesy of ICI Americas, Inc.)