Bracon hebetor

Category: NOLI
Minimum Life Cycle: Egg to adult 9 to 10 days (30°C). Adult female longevity about 23 days. Fecundity: approximately 100 eggs.
Distribution: Cosmopolitan associated with stored product moths. Not injurious to stored grain.
Adults - Females paralyze and lay eggs in late instar moth larvae. Each female produces about 100 eggs. On the average, eight larvae develop in one host. (Host: Indianmeal moth and almond moth external to grain.)

Bracon hebetor, a Parasitoid. Bracon hebetor parasitizes several of the common grain moths such as the Indianmeal moth in the late larval stage. According to the results of laboratory tests, it promises to be a useful biological control agent (Figure 28).

(Slide courtesy of USDA, J. Brower.)

photo of a Bracon hebetor

Figure 28. Bracon hebetor (Parasitoid).