Almond Moth (Tropical Warehouse Moth)

Category: OLI
Minimum Life Cycle: 25 days.
Distribution: Tropical areas; attacks a wide variety of products.
Eggs - Up to 300 eggs laid on or near produce.
Larvae - Move to and over produce spinning threads particularly thick just before pupation.
Adults - Non feeding; short lived; fly particularly around dawn and dusk.

Almond Moth or Tropical Warehouse Moth (Ephestia cautella). The almond moth is more common in tropical areas than the Indianmeal moth, and has an appearance similar to the Mediterranean flour moth. The insect appears to prefer dried fruits, nuts, confectionery, and cereal products, and is often found in concealed locations (Figure 11 ).

(Slide and top caption courtesy of ICI Americas, Inc.)

illustration of an almond moth

Figure 11. Almond moth (tropical warehouse moth).