Meet the Contributing Authors - David M. Whitacre

David M. Whitacre - Ph.D. (Entomology-Pesticide Toxicology)

An undergraduate chemistry major, Dr. Whitacre majored in Entomology for a M.Sc. and then for the doctorate, with Dr. George W. Ware at the University of Arizona, in 1969. Dr. Whitacre has had as major career scientific interests, metabolism, environmental fate and toxicology of pesticides. He has published some three dozen scientific papers dealing with these and related areas. In the Crop Protection Industry, Dr. Whitacre originally worked in field research (Product Development) then managed residue analysis, general analytical environmental chemistry and metabolism laboratories. Before becoming V.P. of R&D in 1986 and for all or various periods since 1976, he served as technical manager of Environmental Sciences, Toxicology, Regulatory Affairs, Field Development, Herbicide Synthesis and Product Development. Between 1986-1988, Dr. Whitacre was responsible for Sandoz Crop Protection Research in Basle, Switzerland, returning to the U.S. in 1988 as Vice President of Sandoz's U.S. Development program. After the merger between Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy in 1996 he served first as Novartis' U.S. Vice President of Development and later as Sr. Vice President, Science for North America. Dr. Whitacre was board certified in General Toxicology by the American Board of Toxicology in 1982 and, though retired from Syngenta since 2001, maintains that certification.