Meet the Contributing Authors - Scott H. Hutchins

Scott H. Hutchins, Ph.D.
Author of "IPM: Opportunities and Challenges for the Private Sector"

photo of Scott H. Hutchins


9330 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
phone: (317) 337-4971


Dr. Hutchins presently serves as global development manager for insect/nematode management products for DowElanco and is the global R&D project leader for the NaturalyteTM class of proprietary products (e.g., TracerTM) and the SentriconTM termite elimination system. Prior to his current assignment, he was North America R&D Manager for Insect/Nematode/Disease Management products. He received his education in entomology with academic degrees from Auburn University (B.S.), Mississippi State University (M.S.) and Iowa State University (Ph.D.). Hutchins has published or presented over 80 articles in the area of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) theory and practice, including several invited reviews/book chapters and seminars. Within the broad area of bioeconomics, his emphasis has been on development of decision-making techniques for the practical and sustained implementation of IPM.