Aphid Alert 2003, No. 1, June 20

Aphid Situation in Week Ending June 20

A well developed low level jet is presently in place over the Central U.S. This pattern has been in place since 23:00 h, June 19 CST. This is the strongest such event of spring 2003. Such events are commonly associated with long distance transport of aphids and leafhoppers. Cold fronts, especially when accompanied by precipitation, are commonly associated with flight termination, literally raining the insects out. Thunderstorms are forecast for the Red River Valley beginning early Saturday morning. During the next week, seed potato growers should monitor their fields for green peach aphid. Low numbers of green peach aphid have already been reported in some northern potato fields, e.g, Brooten, MN and Grand Forks, ND.

Status of Aphid Alert Network

The funding available to support the Aphid Alert Network is considerably less than in previous years. Consequently, the trapping network will have fewer traps and will be more limited in its geographic coverage. In 2003, traps will be situated at Baker, Climax, Gully, Karlstad, and Williams in Minnesota, and at Hoople, Grand Forks, and Walhalla in North Dakota. The traps are being put in place this week and we expect to be reporting capture data by the end of June.

Welcome to Erin Hladilek

Ms. Erin Hladilek is now the person responsible for daily operations of the Aphid Alert network and identifying our aphids. Erin joined our Aphid Alert after completing her M.S. degree in the laboratory of Professor David Andow, insect ecologist at the University of Minnesota. Erin will be filling the rather large shoes of Dr. Robert Suranyi who served Aphid Alert with great distinction from 1998-2003. Robert recently accepted a position with McLaughlin, Gormley, King Company, Minneapolis. We will miss Robert, but are pleased to welcome Erin.

Summary of Aphid Survey Results, 1998 ― 2001

A poster describing the Aphid Alert project and detailing results from 1998-2001 was presented at the 4th National IPM Symposium, April 6-12, 2003, in Indianapolis, IN. This poster "Aphid Alert: Regional Surveillance of Virus Vector Aphid Species of Potato in the Northern Plains" is available online but you will want access to a high-speed line to download as the file is very large (2324 kB).

Potato late blight status reports

Subscriber Alert

This is the first issue of Aphid Alert for the 2003 growing season. This newsletter is intended to alert seed potato producers in the Northern Great Plains to flight activity by aphid species known to be potential vectors of potato viruses. We report results weekly on the WWW, by e-mail to subscribers, and by surface mail to all Minnesota and North Dakota seed potato growers. The hard copy and e-mail versions of Aphid Alert report aphid capture data available as of the date they are mailed. The WWW version will be updated as additional data becomes available. To become an e-mail subscriber to Aphid Alert 2003, send us an e-mail message with the word "subscribe" in subject line. Note that current subscribers need not resubscribe. If you have no interest in receiving this newsletter by e-mail, please reply with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Some e-mail subscribers may not wish to receive messages containing graphics. If so, reply with the the words "no graphics" in the subject line.