Aphid Alert Newsletter Archive

Aphid Alert was published from 1998 through 2003. Publication ceased after the 2003 season. All Aphid Alert newsletters are archived on this site and accessible from this page.

Published cooperatively by:

Department of Entomology, College of Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources Science, University of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota Extension Service, and the State Seed Potato Programs of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Project funding provided by:

Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, Minnesota State Legislature, Rapid Agricultural Response Initiative & United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service, Integrated Pest Management Program, North Central Region

Aphid Alert Newsletters are archived by year:

Additional Information on Aphids on Potato

  • The biology and life cycles of aphids and key to identification of winged morphs
  • Spread and control of PLRV and PVY and key to identification of wingless morphs
  • Using insecticides to control aphids on potato
  • More aphid biology and pictures of species colonizing potato
  • How potato fungicides impact green peach aphid
  • Crop borders and mineral oils: two tactics for management of PVY in seed potatoes
  • EXAMINE, European consortium of scientists involved in the collection of national data on aphid distribution, phenology and abundance.
  • Rothamsted Insect Survey, U.K. (aphid suction trapping)

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